ABB Industrial High School is situated in the city of Ludvika (14 000 inhabitants) in the region of Dalarna. 60 % of our pupils are from the neighbouring villages. More than 90 % of our pupils use the public transport to attend school. The city of Ludvika has had a considerable role as far as industry is concerned, today however many industries have closed down and the city was hard hit by unemployment.
In this cultural and socio-economic context our participation in the project aims to make pupils aware of the Europe of the 21st century as many European regions face more or less the same challenge: unemployment and a lack of initiative. We hence propose first to find a way of develpoment without giving up the economic growth and second to inspire to alternatives of sustainable development especially in regions with economic crises. We propse for instance: recycling, exchanging experience and evaluating the cultural and natural heritage.
Our pupils come from different backgrounds and many come from families working in manifacturing industries. Pupils belong to middle and working class families. Many lack the tradition of higher level of study. Some of our pupils have foreign background: Irakis, Indians Iranians and Kurds.


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