Primary school Karla Destovnika-Kajuha is situated in the capital city of Slovenia. It is located in the suburbs of Ljubljana and is more than 30 years old. Apartments in this part of town are owned mostly by the local authorities, which means that those with significantly lower income can rent apartments for a lower price. Thus the pupils come mostly from families with a low income. Immigrants also often find their stay in this part of town. Thus beside the Slovenian pupils, many nationalities are represented by our pupils: Serbian, Albanian, Macedonian, Bosnian and from Monte Negro. Despite the geographical closeness, these ethnic groups have a different religious and cultural background. Apart from our main educational goals, we thus aim to combine these different groups, trying to emphasize tolerance, their common goals and similarities.
With this European project our pupils would have an opportunity to experience first hand the diversity, tolerance and richness of many European cultures and be therefore able to function better in our society.

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